[HENN] - Zhuhai Art Museum

Type Museum
Location Zhuhai| China
Size 40.000 sqm
Stage Competition Proposal
Date 2013
Design HENN architects with CUBE
Role Building & Landscape Design | Presentation Diagrams | Visuals

Text from HENN The proposal is articulated as the final destination of the coast boulevard and emphasizes the location as public destination with a final iconic gestureThe site condition is currently unsolved and in the state of a dead end, being cut off by the border to Macao. Additionally, neighboring service buildings are obstructing views across the coastline. Consequently, the boulevard is extended on the site and lifted up above the noise and pollution of adjacent traffic routes. A terraced rhythm creates diverse spaces and blurs the boundaries between building and landscape.  Differentiated tectonics of the landscape finally culminate like a surging wave into the main body of the new museum. The volume leans back where terraces are blurring outside and inside or cantilevers to mark the entrance.