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Text During recent experiments for my graduation project I found time to get my head around geco by [uto] which links Grasshopper to Ecotect for environmental analysis. This work in progress setup manipulates a triangulated facade covering two different programmatic units: office & housing (which were referenced via horster). Since they demand different solar access performance the fitness-ratio of every facade element could be calculated using Ecotect in a feedback loop manner. A single-objective genetic algorithm namely Galapagos was used as a proof of concept for optimization.

Feel free to grab the grasshopper definition and the associated rhino file. However, this is still buggy material and as for the solver not really satisfying yet. Furthermore, it becomes more interesting to extend the setting by implementing further objectives such as energy consumption goals, unit size and fabrication constraints which could be then processed by a multi-objective genetic solver.

Note: this definition has been found to work with Grasshopper v0.80065, geco v1.0.30, Ecotect 2010 and horster Reference v0.2.


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FYI http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/galapagos-performance?xg_source=activity

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