[MSc1] - Aggregates

Type Interactive Installation
Location Protospace 3.0
Stage Endterm
Date WS 10|11
Team Patrick Bedarf | Leander Rispens | Matas Ubarevicius | Ferdi Zoet

Text Final project using MAX/Msp/Jitter for creating an interactive multi-agent-based 3D-environment as part of the Mediaclass at TU Delft. Earlier experiments in various functionality of the software platform were used to inform the final result as well as exposing the tool's disadvantages. The final presentation took place at the Protospace 3.0 - an intensively equipped media laboratory with sound, lighting and projection hardware. Additionally, to the user control via keyboard, we hooked up the system via iOSC in order to allow interaction driven by the sensors of your iPhone. iFanciness.

The video shows a capture of the system running. Originally, the agents are also sound responsive, but I went for almighty Com Truise - Klymaxx on this one.


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