[TU Delft] - Indesem '11: Losing Ground

Type Symposium | Workshop
Location TU Delft | The Netherlands
Date 13th - 21st May 2011

Text Have you already used the ‘Like’ button today? Do you still send letters by post? Where do you interact more with your friends – on Skype or at a cafĂ©? In recent years our means of interacting with one another have changed dramatically thanks to emerging virtual realities, globalization and mass customization. Where, as designers, do we now take our cues: The liquid phenomenology of the screen? The emergent qualities of advanced algorithms? Endless iterations of ‘related links’? The grassroots democracy of the ‘Like’ button? Architecture sees itself in a moment in which existing paradigms have to be redefined and new values have to be critically evaluated and tested so as to be able to properly form an active approach to the challenges posed by an increasing divide between old and new social realities.

INDESEM 2011 will investigate these questions with appropriate philosophical and practical tools. It will do so in a one-week workshop for 80 international students, comprising lectures, excursions, exhibitions, debates, documentaries and more.

Speakers / tutors amongst others are Neil Leach, Marcos Novak, Saskia Sassen, Herman Hertzberger, Daan Roosegaarde and Kas Oosterhuis.

If you are interested in participating in the workshops, go here and apply by filling out the form and participate in the small pre-selective competition. The overall participation fee will be unbeatable 89,95 EUR for one week of workshop and lectures.


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