[Comp] - Coari:Rise

Type Concept Design
Location Coari | Brazil
Stage Competition Proposal
Date 01|11
Team Dimitrie Stefanescu, Tomas Kozelsky & Patrick Bedarf 

Text For the Evolo skyscraper competition we submitted a highly algorithm abusing design for a speculative tower proposal combining research and tourism in Caori, Brazil. Unfortunately they didn't liked our proposal as much as we did and preferred to award well known approaches and three year old projects.

The deforestation rate of a country describes the annual destruction of natural forests. With 11.5% in 2004, Brazil lost over 10.722 square miles and marks therefore the highest rate globally. This massive destruction of local woodland area has many different causes and brings negative impacts on local and global ecosystems. Besides the irreversible destruction of the natural environment, diverse ecosystems and rare animal species, deforestation is mainly driven by and feeding the status of poverty in rural regions. Furthermore, in socio-political dynamics of high population pressure and stagnating economic conditions, the sale of land is mostly the only option for poor farmers.

Confronted with this acute challenge of solving the phenomena of deforestation we propose a high-rise building as prototype for the usage of wood in a sustainable and innovative manner and the raise of global awareness of the problem at hand. In combining the two realms of research and tourism, the projects aim is to act as stimulating keystone for establishing a vital loop of raising global awareness and supportive funds as well as educating visiting interested parties and local natives.

The introduction of the novel technology of laminated titanium wood construction acting as load-bearing and space partitioning thick lattice, displays the vast possibilities of the natural resource of wood while underlining a sustainable application of long-lasting flexibility. Specific programmatic and technical requirements are provided by a modular system based on conventional and easy transportable shipping containers and are selectively integrated. Therefore, the symbiotic system demonstrates the sensible usage of material resources and their inherent performance capacities in addressing sustainable use, reuse and recycling cycles.


Étienne Duval at: April 5, 2011 at 4:57 AM said...

scheint sehr interessant zu sein. musst du mir irgendwann alle deine Sachen mündlich erklären!
à bientôt mon ami

a-ngine at: April 5, 2011 at 8:57 AM said...

He Etienne,
das war eine kleine Fingeruebung mit Freunden um nicht mehr nur fuer Parameter/Datascapes/Attractors entwerfen zu muessen sondern fuer den Mensch/Natur. War auf jeden Fall spazsig, vor allem die Spezial-Staffagen in den Perspektiven (kannst Du sie entdecken?)

Henry at: April 25, 2011 at 1:24 PM said...

he päddl,

take a look on this...


...knapp danben is auch verloren aber dennoch probs fürs abspritzen und fast schwängern :)

hoffe es geht dir gut... der henry denkt an dich

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